FREE FALLIN'. I wrote this blog two years ago when I visited the town of Pottenstein.  Pottenstein is a town in the district of Bayreuth in Bavaria, Germany. I fell in love with the place and here, I described the beauty of nature, valleys and mountains. This is also how I describe my love and kind of woman, if I were a man. This is for YOU.
Goodbye, Tom Petty. Thank you for the music.  

On the road, the sun shines on me, it felt so good to be out and smell the fresh air. 
The hours of driving is less painful than sitting on my office chair.
The pen and paper are always my companions and
the nature is always my best friend.
There is a great fun and excitement admiring rocky cliffs and winding valleys.
The history of many centuries has left its traces, towers, castles, ruins
and other ancient buildings are spread all over the region.
"Her silky hair moved with the breeze. I am glad she came."

I went up here not only to admire the whole wide view on top.
I was gasping for breath because I am afraid of heights.
"Her face looks so fresh in the morning like Mountain Dew.
I close my eyes. She takes my breath away."
These are old pilgrims. Jesus Christ bled and died on the cross
for the sinner to remit his sin.
I also bled a countless times for my sins. I ask forgiveness to God.
"I asked for her forgiveness. She remained quiet and still."

The statue of Heiligen Elisabeth in Burg Pottenstein draws crowds.
The tourists are taking photos while there are children running around
the fountain with cold water.
Let the children run?
"She likes the feeling of being free and running around."
Hiking, free-climbing on the rocks, biking along the lonely, curving roads
are the activities here.

"I am a man who believes in balancing my life that everything 
has both yin and yang aspects.
I wonder how did they balance the rocks on the cliffs, 
let them alone be remembered for their balance 
or endurance through these years?

There was a flirty one who was with me but never made me faithful.
There was a lovely one who got me but never made me commit.
It's the funny girl with that beautiful personality, who listens to me endlessly,
who rescues me from these confusions, who has a heart of gold, 
that left me in tears.
Her love gave me the soaring heights but I was never afraid.
I can't forget her. We are soul mates. She is my rock. "

I am with you. It is me, Daniel Belanis.
Daniel Belanis is the pen name of Ces Seidel for English publications.
All photos courtesy of Ces Seidel.

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