one, two, buckle my shoe gising na mga anak Ineng at Totoy
ngayon ay Lunes at kayo'y papasok sa iskul walang kolokoy
bsing-bisi nga si Mommy sa paghahanda ng almusal hoy!
si Daddy ay nagmamabilis at may bisita sa opis suot ay curdoroy

three, four shut the door hays araw-araw nga ay ganito nakakahingal

sa wakas makakaupo na't nakakagutom kumain ng tira-tirang almusal

yum,yum,yum hindi talaga ito nakakasawa ang mantikilya sa pandesal

ika nga "walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape!" may aangal?

five, six, pick-up sticks nakupo! kalat dito kalat doon ang aking nakikita

lagi kong sinasabi "mga anak maghunos dili kayo't nakakapagod talaga"

ang mga laruan, bola, sapatos at lipstick ko'y nilalaro nga rin pala nila

nasaan na nga ba iyong susi ng aparador flashlight ni Daddy rin ay nawawala

seven, eight, lay them straight aruy! walang dahilan para hindi magligpit

uumpisahan ko ng magwalis gamit ay walis tambo't bawal ang masungit

mas mainam habang naglilinis buhok ay naka rollers walang pangpagupit

"kung maigsi ang kumot matutong mamaluktot!"ang budget ko'y nagigipit

nine, ten, do it again! maayos, malinis at mabango na ang lahat padating na sila

"ano iyan anak ligaw na kuting? hatsing!" tanong ni Mama kumusta ang eskwela

magbihis na kayo't may hinanda akong monay at Cheez Wiz ating meryenda

"ang kaginhawaan ay nasa kasiyahan wala sa kasaganahan" ito'y totoo nga ba?

Sharry was invited to tell her story ADB on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl- 12th October, 2015. She shared her struggles as well as the impact of the help being extended to her by the center and the partner agencies.

Her Story:

I am Sharry. My friends used to call me Sha, Shari or Angel. I was born on November 2, 1999 in the city of Quezon.
Before. my life was miserable. Most of the time, I spend the day in the streets, looking for a living. I helped my mother by selling bottled water and collecting reusable materials. Also, I gained income by being a sales lady. I have vices like smoking cigarettes and marijuana. I struggled a lot since my mother is a drug dependent, the very reason why she can't take care of her children. I am the eldest of five siblings with different fathers. I've never seen my father since birth. I attended formal school until Grade 5 in school. I am one of the honour students. I have friends who are there to support me. One of them became my intimate friend. With him, I was motivated to face life with hope. But then life is not easy. I still have to think of ways to find what is really good for me and for my family, who are in the state of poverty. With my life condition, I longed to live in a shelter because I believe that if I'll stay in the streets, I will not reach my dreams. And so, I pursue my desire of living normally in the shelter. I decided to talk to the social worker in-charge of me from Childhope Asia Philippines. Finally, after three months, I was accepted in Tahanan Sta. Luisa. Now, I am in the good hands in Tahanan Sta. Luisa, facing life positivity.
My life is far different, a lot of adjustment was made. And because of the genuine love and care of the people around me, I survived daily. In TSL, the social workers are supportive to our needs, the houseparents are there to listen when we are sad. And of course, the one who teaches us academically and spiritually is our ASL Teacher. My inspiration to achieve my dreams is my siblings. I realized that I'm the only one who can help them. I have talents and skills to develop. I promise myself to enhance them with the help of Tahanan Sta. Luisa family. I want to report news everyday. I believe in the saying that I can't give what I don't have. So, I must help myself first.
We, the girls from TSL are longing for love and care. Thank you to all the people who from their generosity are able to help children and young people like us.
In behalf of Tahanan Sta. Luisa family, I want to say thank you for supporting us. God Bless You! 

Hi Ces,
Hope this email finds you well.
Sharing you our 2015 Report - a segment of it is a story of one of our girls who was invited to share story in an assembly in ABD office in Ortigas. 
Feel free to use it if  fits to the theme for your next issue :). Hope this one could help us identify group/ individuals from Germany who can possibly help our girls by support Tahanan.
However, please allow me to reiterate confidentiality. Our clients' stories are being kept very carefully by the center. We discourage publishing photos in full view as it is our way of protecting their identity in public. Hope you don't mind.
By the way, is it possible for us to avail a copy of your issue? 
Thank you Ces! God bless and more power :)
Best regards, 
Tahanan Sta. Luisa, Inc.

Ps: proud to know that you are PINOY :) 

"Greetings from Germany, girls." My name is Ces Seidel. I am a writer as Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito and I am also a publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine. It is the Filipino-German Lifestyle Magazine. However, it is only published and distributed in Germany. But I would like you to know that I am including TSL at Pilya Blog Magazine's June 2016 issue. I am also a mother and I have two daughters and I have interesting stories when I was a child and as a teenager. Thank you, Sharry. How I wish I can visit you and tell my stories by myself in the future. Please believe in yourself, nothing is impossible in life. Be always thankful, there is love in you and to those people who are always there for you. God bless you all. Keep learning and I hope my blog entertains you. Thank you, Anna for this opportunity. Maraming,maraming salamat po." 

I got this! Thank you, Sharry. Today, you made my day. Take care.

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