“mein Name ist Maria Cielito Cando-Seidel. Ich komme aus den Philippinen.Ich bin Ingenieurin von Beruf. Ich wohne in Mönchherrnsdorf.”

This was my first German lesson in 19.09.2012. It is a new order from Landratsamt Bamberg that all immigrants like me must learn Deutsch, the German language.I enrolled for Integrationkurs in AWO Migrationssozialdienst Theatergassen 7 96047 Bamberg.I must complete 660 hours, equivalent to 6 months.My class starts from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday to Friday. I presented to AWO my original Philippine passport with my valid residence visa in Germany and 100 Euro as monthly fee.

I was excited on the first day of my Deutschkurs.My class had a friendly environment. Everyone was smiling. So we were like a dozen in the beginning. We were mixed nationalities from Asia,America,Middle East and other European countries. We introduced ourselves with a pattern written on the board for a beginner like me. Our teacher,”Deutschlehrerin” was Eva Maria, she is a German lady who is very patient and very accomodating. I like her boho style.She also speaks English,Spanish and Italian. Our class likes her so much and with her we weren’t afraid to make mistakes.We have been given books, Kursbuch and Arbeitsbuch for our daily lessons.I was asked by Eva Maria why I would like to learn Deutsch. “It is for the obvious reason that I’m married to a German and if only I knew that I would suffer like this, I could have married an American.” That was a joke reply, of course!I was not only doing it for Landratsamt, I also want my husband to be proud of me by speaking his own language.

As the weeks go by, our Deutschkurs gets tougher. I find German grammatical rules,”deutsche Grammatik, confusing and difficult.Sometimes too, I felt like reciting a tongue twister. I can speak and write in English well.But the common mistake we have is when we tried to translate a German sentence, “Sätze in Deutsch”,to English grammar,it doesn’t make any sense. Or sometimes it is wrong.The Leo dictionary, “Wörterbuch” is a must-have in class. As we are also progressing to our Deutschkurs, I made friends in class too. My favorite people, “meine besten Freunde” are Kathee and Ana(US), David "El Capitan" (Spain), Matteo "The Tall Man" and funny Francesco,(Italy), Siamak "The Crazy One", Michael, Hamed and Ahmad (Iran), charming Hang and the youngest, Vihn (Vietnam), Hiwot, "The Religious One" (Ethiopia), smiling Mariya(Turkey), amazing Xi(China) and dog lover Racquel (Brazil).

We were a good team in our class.”Wir waren ein sehr gutes Team”.Our teachers, Aneko and Frau Schmidt find our class so friendly and interesting.We are always laughing in class. There was never a dull moment.We usually gather together during our breaks,”Pause”.We talked, shared foods and drinks, joked, danced, sang and gave each other presents, “Geschenke” during birthdays,“Geburtstag” and other occasions.

We had our written exam, “Schriftliche Prüfung”, on 24.05.2013 from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.We also had our oral exam, “Mündliche Prüfung” , on the same day at 3:10 pm for 16 minutes.Fortunately,I passed both exams and I received my B1 Zertifikat on 10.06.2013.However, I wouldn’t consider myself fluent in Deutsch yet, I still need to advance further my studies to achieve B2,C1,C2.But I am satisfied with my Deutsch now.”Ich bin zufrieden”.I can now converse in Deutsch easily.”Ich kann auf Deutsch”.

Michael(standing),Siamak,Matteo,Vihn and Frau Schmidt.
David(sitting),Hamed,Me,Hang and Xi

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